Jon Daggett's Pepsi Collection - Page 2

Another wall of my studio where most of the Pepsi Stuff is on display.

Included here are:
* many old bottles
* a bottle carrier
* "200 years of America" plate & glasses collection
* Foreign bottles & cans from all over the world
South Africa, Israel, Australia, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Spain,
Russia, Hong Kong and more! Includes "Pepsi Max" cans & bottles and
other unique foreign cans & bottles.
* My Christmas Pepsi Collection -
over a dozen Christmas Pepsi Cans
Several collectible Pepsi Santa Claus'
Pepsi Christmas Ornaments
* Several Pepsi Toys, Trucks, Banks, etc.
* New Pepsi Design Cans (1997/98)
* Dollywood Bottles
* Desert Storm Bottle
* Pepsi Telephone
* Pepsi Baby Bottles
* Pepsi Yoyos
* Pepsi Paddle Ball
* Dozens of plastic Pepsi cups
* Pepsi Salt & Pepper Shakers
* Several dozen other collectibles, knick knacks, bottles, cans

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