Name: Sarah Daggett (if you hadn't noticed)

Birthday: March 26

Age:Almost 17.........

Pets: Snowball (Maltese), Storm Cloud (cat), Spunky (cat), Snip (rabbit), Poppy (rabbit), and fishes!

- Marching Band- I'm pit captian
- Soccer
- Hanging out with my friends

Favorite Foods: Orange Julious, Guacamole, Chocolate, Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Actor: Johnney Depp, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood, anyone from LOTR!

Favorite Movie: The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Sweet Home Alabama, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, ect.

Favorite Book: The Lord Of The Rings, Eragon, Harry Potter, Tamora Peirce

Favorite Hangout: Sea World Florida, Putt-Putt

Favorite Orcas: Katina, Tekoa, Tuar and Ikaika

Currently Involved In: "Alice In Wonderland"
"Beauty and the Beast"
Working at the Pretzelmaker
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