Jon Daggett's Pepsi Collection - Page 1

One wall of my studio where most of the Pepsi Stuff is on display.

Included here are:
* many old bottles
* a bottle carrier
* The Richard Petty Collectors Bottles (old logo & new logo)
* Richard Petty Collectors Edition Bottles (chromed bottles)
* Test market & limited run Pepsi products:
Pepsi Kona (coffee cola)
"Ragin Razzberry" Pepsi
"Tropical Chill" Pepsi
"Strawberry Burst" Pepsi
Wild Cherry Pepsi (2 different can designs)
Crystal Pepsi (regular & diet)
* Several commemorative bottles
* Old Pepsi Cans (Pepsi Lite, Pepsi Free, old can designs, etc.)
* "Shaq" Collectors Bottles Set
* Large ship made out of Pepsi Cans
* Airplane made out of Pepsi Cans
* Summer design cans
* Patriotic Pepsi & Diet Pepsi Cans
* Collector's Edition "New Design" Cans
* Several antique toys, trucks, glasses, etc.
* Too much more to even describe

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